Well, hip-hop’s finest ladies are back. After a successful debut that had all of the social networks talking, VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” is back, and the ladies seem to be as dramatic as ever.

On the first episode, we met the ladies and quickly found out Chrissy didn’t have much love—or respect—for upstart rapper Somaya Reece. Chrissy, who’s been in a relationship with rapper Jim Jones for over six years, didn’t appreciate sexy Somaya working with her man. After searching the ‘net to get info on the Latina rapper, Chrissy confronted Reece inside the ladies room of a NYC club. Let’s just say, their meeting didn’t go so hot, and the two probably won’t be singing “Kum ba yah” anytime soon.

On tonight’s episode, it seems like Emily B.—Fabolous’ undercover lover—catches Olivia in a little lie about her relationship with pro-football player Darelle Revis (or is HE lying? hmmm). Although she’s been telling the other ladies that she and Revis “have been seeing each other,” Revis claims that the pair broke up eons ago. Is this another case of Fabolos’ “single as a dollar bill” Syndrome rubbing off on another man? Or is Olivia fudging the truth to look good in front of her girls? Things that make you go hmmm.

While Emily and Chrissy try to catch Olivia in a lie, Somaya is forced to confront the reality that music will not pay her bills, at least not yet. Although she’s given up everything to move to New York City and pursue her career, her pocketbook is empty and her manager wants her to make ends meet by showing off some of her *ehem* assets.

Although Somaya openly uses sexiness to her advantage, she seems to have a limit. I just hope she—and the other women—don’t get swallowed whole by the quest for fame and go completely off the deep end. One thing is sure, however, Love &Hip-Hop makes for very interesting TV.

What do you think of the show so far, Clutchettes? Who do you think is lying about the relationship–Olivia or Darelle? You tell us!

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  • Raine

    I think Olivia is lying. Ole boy doesn’t have any reason to lie. He admitted that they were together, but broke up long ago. And he said he hadn’t seen her in months. She is a thirsty chick!

  • SHauncey

    I love this show, and just about died when Chrissy talked about Somaya’s one piece “sparkling” outfit. She called it a “onsie” and said it “snapped between the legs”. Loved it, but I love Chrissy AND Somaya, so I’m not playong favorites.

  • dnt matter

    who made olivia dress???????? on that pic its so cute