For months 50 Cent’s people have proclaimed the film, “Things Fall Apart” will be THE role to make people take the rapper seriously as an actor. Unfortunately for Fif’, however, the (unofficial) trailer does little to back up such lofty claims.

“Things Fall Apart” centers around a young football player who is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. The physically demanding role required Fiddy to shed an astonishing 54 pounds, dropping from a muscular 214 to a sickly looking 160, and stretch his acting chops a bit further than his “Get Rich or Die Trying” debut.

Although Fiddy’s acting skills may have fallen short, he did prove he can do more than write rhymes and collect checks. 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, wrote, produced and financed “Things Fall Apart” all on his own.

The film is expected to hit theaters next year and stars Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield, Mario Van Peebles, and Tracey Heggins.

Check out the trailer for “Things Fall Apart.” Does the trailer make you want to see the film?


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  • African Mami

    If only he would shut the hell up! He is always running his mouth. Then would I take him seriously as a professional. He tried, but things fell apart on his acting chops. Will not be watching it.

  • KGDC

    No Tyler Perry? Oh well… fail. [/sarcasm]

  • LN

    Ok well. I’m glad 50 Cent is trying to do more. I applaud him for that. But this looks awful.

  • JC

    I agree with everyone above. We should applaud him for broadening his horizons. Plus the message is wonderful; a massive upgrade from the messages in his lyrics. I think this merits community support.