This past weekend, The New York Times’ Style section looked at the expanding world of men’s grooming– specifically the ‘guybrow.’

The term was coined by brow guru, Ramy Gafni, an eyebrow stylist in Manhattan whose celebrity clients include supermodel Naomi Campbell and many other A-listers.   The cost for the perfect frames for that handsome face?  Gafni charges $75 per session for men looking for better brows.

Gafni’s business is still primarily supported by his women clients but he says the number of men who frequent his salon has tripled in the past ten years. But don’t calling it eyebrow shaping. According to the stylist, what he does for men is more “eyebrow sculpting.”

“I don’t create an arch for men. You want to take the weight out of it and groom the brow, but you don’t want it to look ‘done.’ Sometimes I even leave a couple stray hairs so it looks less done, and I would never do that for women.”

The ‘guybrow’ is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. A recent consumer survey found that 63 percent of men regularly trim their ears, noses or eyebrows, fewer than those who trim groins (69 percent), but more than those who trim their heads (44 percent), chest (40 percent) or armpits (31 percent).

If anecdotal evidence counts for anything, just this weekend over manis and pedis with the girls, I bared witness as a group of brothers (who looked like they could have been the groomsmen in “The Best Men”) coming to get their brows treated to some hot wax.

Personally, there’s something about unkempt brows that can work as the perfect compliment for a guy’s eyes. I don’t mind a guy getting his brows groomed, but I do mind when said guys’ brows look mine.

What’s your take Clutchettes: are you down with the ‘guybrow’ or do you prefer the look of undisturbed brows on your man?

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  • The Taker

    I like a manly man. However there is nothing wrong with being well-groomed just dont take the ish overboard. I haaaaatttteee it when I can tell when a man eyebrows looks like its been done. I notice because his went from looking raggedy to his arch looking better than mine , NO-NO. A few stray hairs off and keep it moving. Save the overly-waxed eyebrows for the italians and latino dudes<<< If you're in NYC, I think you'll understand.

  • binks

    Being well groomed is a must! I don’t think there is anything effeminate about men grooming themselves it just shows you like taking care of yourself, sure some guys do go overboard with it but staying on top of your grooming habits is a nice trait in a man