A movie theater in Dover, Delaware is being ordered to pay nearly $80,000 for violating the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law.

During a 2007 showing of Why Did I Get Married, David Stewart, the manager of Carmike 14 Theater, told a theater of black patrons to be quiet, remain in their seats, and turn off their cell phones. Although Stewart did not use “racist language” the Delaware Supreme Court recognized that he had singled-out a black audience since he did not make the same announcement in other theater rooms on the same night.

Each patron on the list will receive $1,500 in damages and the theater itself was fined an additional $5,000 on top of $20,000 in attorney fees and costs.


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  • Ashley

    That’s why if I go to a movie theater I go with my nonblack friends because I want peace and quiet watching a movie. I didn’t pay over 10 dollars to hear some loud mouth who think he/she is funny. Its a disgrace that they got paid for being inconsiderate.

  • binks

    Maybe it depends because I never had a problem with people being loud in the theater, I only had to deal with crying babies (in an rated R movie mind you) and rowdy teens of all races so…shrugs. But he is in the wrong nonetheless if you subject one party to it you have to do it to all parties