New York is known for flash in the pan trendy lodging, with the new ‘it’ hotel popping up as frequently as a Lindsay Lohan court appearance. But there’s something different about Liberty Inn and it’s not its sleek décor.

The upscale hotel charges visitors an hourly rate, making it a frequent hook up haven for Manhattan’s trendy and financially inclined. Liberty Inn was featured this weekend in The New York Times as one of the city’s most buzzed about spots. Located in the city’s Meatpacking district and surrounded by five-star restaurants and designer boutiques, the hotel is the neighborhoods last hourly rate hotel.

It’s presence maybe distinct to the Meatpacking district, but throughout the rest of the city, there isn’t much considered trendy about hourly rate hotels. Mainly associated with prostitution, the hourly hotel receives an update at the Liberty Inn, where guests can purchase condoms, sex toys and batteries in a vending machine that houses Skittles and Oreos as well.  And in case you were wondering- the hotel has kept some of its older vintage charm including romantic dimmer lighting in each room and bulletproof glass casing for the front desk.

Though we’re not thinking of checking in anytime soon- the popularity of the Liberty Inn raises an interesting cultural question: can the one night stand ever really be ‘chic’?

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    ah the hourly rate, i remember it fondly……..

  • k

    i live in NYC and back in the days, it was convenient to go there after dinner or clubbing. It was cool for a quickie and little fun….

  • southen

    It’s a trend now actually in hotel industry to offer hourly rates, just like the same service I guess offered by Liberty Inn, seen some boutique hotels that offers rooms by the hour in websites like dayguest.com and dayuse.com.