After getting the whole world to whip their hair, young Willow Smith is back with an infectious new girl-powered anthem, “21st Century Girl.”

In the song, which is reminiscent of Rihanna’s techno-pop sound, Willow sings, “I feel like I can take over the world/If only I get my dreams out” and we definitely believe her. After climbing the charts at the tender age of 10, this diva-in-training is poised to rule the entertainment world.

Willow not only appeared on Oprah today and is readying her debut album, but the pint-sized singer is also rumored to be gearing up to star in a remake of the classic Broadway musical, “Annie.”

With so much going on it seems like Willow can teach some of us older divas a thing or two about believing in ourselves. At the tender age of 10, she seems to be completely comfortable with herself and knows what it takes to follow her dreams.

Check out Willow Smith performing “21st Century Girl” on Oprah & tell us what you think of the song!

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  • LNicole

    I love Willow!!! I think she is an amazing example for children and adults to not be so hung up on what others think of you. As far as her being “too grown”…I heard that all the time as a child. I was just being who I was, it was never about disrespect or anything like that but I was ALWAYS comfortable in my skin and could engage in conversation with anyone. I think she has great comedic timing and is sassy just like her mom. She still seems innocent and child-like to me, so I say go head on with your bad self Ms. Willow Smith!!!

    • Yeah, I think some of us need to examine what definition of “too grown” we’re using, because one is complimentary, as in she’s carries herself maturely.

      The other actually is something to be concerned about, as in dressing too provocatively, taking on mature subject matter or disrespecting adults.

      Since I don’t see any evidence of that second definition, I take her “too grown” as being a good thing, in my eyes.

      I don’t know, maybe some are put off by her eclectic style.

  • Oh no, not another rihanna. LOL

  • She is truly something else! Love the song! She literally put the last of the Disney channel singers to bed lol.

  • I love tha video and I love what got on but let’s hope that we don’t have another rihanna up in tha buliding and I love what tha childern got on two.