NBC’s Community continues to be one of Thursday nights’ most underrated shows. The sitcom is anchored by a cast of great comedic talent- but the one we are digging the most is the upcoming actor Donald Glover.

Not only is he funny, Glover is a jack-of-all-trades.  He is not (despite rumors) related to the Danny Glover. His comedic talents have been noticed by many in Hollywood with the actor landing his own Comedy Central stand-up special. Last year on his 26-city tour, IAMDONALD, Glover showed another part of his arsenal- rapping.

While an unlikely fit- some of hip-hop biggest names have taken to Glover as well. In an interview with Billboard, Glover spoke about his unusual pick for a stage name and the recognition it’s gotten from one Wu Tang alumni.

“I actually met RZA, and he heard how I got my name. He was like, ‘Yo, it’s like the computer had a brain, you know? Childish Gambino — you’re kind of hard but you’re like a little kid, so it’s playful.’ That’s the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten.”

Glover’s raps are more geeky/indie fly than young money- the reference which highlights that his relationship with hip-hop may not be that odd after all. I mean, if a guy from Degrassi can make it- Childish Gambino may not be entirely out the question.

In any case, don’t expect a switch to one business or another anytime soon- Glover loves having his hand in different buckets and doesn’t see a departure from television anytime soon.  Playing his character, Troy on Community, Glover reminded us of his comedic genius a few weeks back in a brilliant episode featuring ‘Reading Rainbow’ star Levar Burton.

The NYU grad first found his fame online as an internet comedy sensation is consistently working to develop all aspects of his career, remaining humble by the success he seems to find in it all. When his first show sold out, Glover commented:

“People are sitting on the floor…They think Chris Rock’s going to be here or something.”

Jokes on him though- we really do love him that much.

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  • Liah

    I saw him on Jimmy Fallon the other nite and he definitely has charm. I won’t be tuning into “Community” anytime soon but I like him.