From Young Money to old money- Nicki Minaj is moving on up.

Yesterday, the rapper made an unusual appearance popping up at fancy smancy Christies NYC in Rockerfeller Plaza for a performance with an unlikely crowd.

According to Nicki’s Twitter page, the rapper was called personally by Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour to perform at a charity event last night.

The event, Vogue’s Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth, was attended by Manhattan’s fur rocking elite, who over the course of the night bid $2 million dollars on a day with former President Bill Clinton and dinner with Harold Ford. Nicki’s performance was not announced, but did not seem to shock the crowd. Spitting her verse from “Monster” and then jumping to her hit, “Moment For Life,” Nicki rocked the stage in her typical stage gear- a leotard and a green Frankenstein wig.  No Chanel for this belle.


The whole thing was a sight to behold and apparently, the notoriously hard to please Wintour stayed for all of it. While I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing, it does make me wonder if I need to reconsider Nicki Minaj.

Many of the gripes I felt about Nicki are still true and her oversexualized image still can make us cringe. But one thing that is undeniable is that she has found more cross over appeal than her predecessors ever did. Also, so far she has not encountered the personal life troubles that have undermined the Lil’ Kims, Remy Martins, Da Brats and Foxy Browns that came before her. Not saying I’ll be buying tickets for her shows- just pointing out- it’s, well, it’s something.

What do you think Clutchettes: Does Nicki Minaj’s call from Anna Wintour signal her wide pop appeal or is she just getting paid for another stage? Share your thoughts!

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  • im not a nicki fan (and im confused at people who find her writing too be good… her verses are horrendous, its all annoying punchline raps. she dont be talking about ANYTHING) but her crossover appeal is UNDENIABLE. the viral videos of taylor, selena, and michelle rapping her songs, the rumors that shes in talks to be the opening act for britney spears’ tour now that enrique iglesisas has dropped out, now this anna wintour thing… nicki is doing it and im not mad at her.

    BUT on that note… imo nicki has such a broad appeal because she doesnt make real hip-hop… its more like hip-pop, or rap lite. all of the catchy rhymes without any of that pesky lyricism, just punchlines that people can easily remember. i think thats why a lot of Black women that are hip-hop fans have trouble taking nicki seriously. it took a few listens to classics by nas, hov (Meet the Parents blew me away!), wu tang, etc to really appreciate what they were saying and to the know the words… nicki is blowing up off verses like ‘i mean my, my, my he’s a helluva guy, he’s like pelican fly, and im loving the tie.’ shes like the dr. suess of rap lol


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  • AJ

    hahahahahhaha @ “Dr Seus of rap”
    I’m dying
    ok, I can’t listen to music that appeals to my 7 year old sister.
    But I love Nikki’s image and style even though her lyrics suck