Well, Denny’s hopes you sure will.

The restaurant giant’s new “Baconalia” menu is proof-positive that people’s love of bacon is damn-near religious.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “everything is better with bacon!” But despite hearing of everything from bacon donuts to bacon chocolate chip cookies, I can’t seem to jump on the bacon bandwagon.

Personally, I don’t eat regular bacon—I stick to the turkey variety, but even if I did, I think I’d give Denny’s bacon ice cream sundae about as much play as I did KFC’s horrific Double Down chicken sandwich—zilch.

My arteries can’t take all that grease. But hey…to each his/her own.

Will you be trying Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae? What crazy combination foods do you love?


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  • WoW

    OHHH JOY!!! Just in time for Summer. Strips of flesh colored fat on top of creamy fat.

    America franchises are clueless at articulating healthy meals that are appealing. All these chefs and no one can come up with something creative AND GOOD 4 U???? This sounds like something I would find at Bubba’s Jones grease factory.

  • sandrine


  • Leanee

    Let me first say that just like bacon and syrup taste good together, I think it might be ok or maybe even good in ice cream. Would I try it? No. I don’t ice cream anymore, and I very rarely eat pork.

  • Alexandra

    It doesn’t sound appetizing at all. But I would try it; preferably with turkey bacon.
    And yes, I agree with Leanee. I rarely eat pork also & as a kid bacon, pancakes & syrup was the best breakfast in the world to me.

  • Jake

    Just Ate It Earlier Today…It’s Not Bad At All…All It Is Is Breakfast Meets Dessert Meets Sweet Meets Salty Meets Warm Meets Cold…Think Of It Like Having Pancakes & Your Syrup Runs Into Your Bacon…Do You Still Eat Your Bacon? If You Do, Than You’d Have No Issues Eating This Breakfast AKA Dessert AKA Breakfast…The Ice Cream Just Adds To The Sweet Maple Syrup