The flowers are blooming and the hum-drum days of winter are over. But with a new season comes a boatload of work that can sometimes overwhelm the meager spirit. Never fear! If you’re feeling like too much is piling up or your anxiety levels are getting high then check out these five stress-relieving activities that will help clear your mind and get you back on track.

1. Just Breathe, Baby

People always say, “Take a deep breath!” But really, take a deep breath. Oxygenating your blood helps to stimulate and wake up your brain while relaxing the mind. Whether it is counting to ten or just taking deep breaths in and out, you can de-stress anywhere and that is something truly precious.

2. Pump Up the Volume

Believe it or not, music is an another therapeutic way to help calm the mind. When you’re dealing with loads of stress, music helps to lower your blood pressure, which not only clams the mind but also relaxes the body. Cool R&B tunes, jazz, light pop, or whatever makes you feel good is the type of music you should pump up when you need some stress management.

3. Down Dog, Down

Probably one of the most recommended forms of exercise for de-stressing, yoga is one of the oldest self-improvement techniques around. It combines several stress management techniques, such as breathing, stretching, and meditation that is beneficial towards relaxing muscles in the body and concurrently relaxing the mind.

4. Wait–and Meditate

Take deep breathing one step further with meditation. the practice allows the mind to function as if you were asleep, which releases hormones that promote well-being. Mental focus in meditation on nothing keeps the mind from overworking itself and helps to stabilize stress levels.

5. Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s pretty well-known that sex is a good tension reliever, but it also is beneficial for stress as well. There are several physical benefits from having healthy sex which alternatively contribute to relieving sex. On those days that stress levels are high and you’ve just gotten back from a hectic day at work, think about allowing your significant other to romance you into a world that will help ease your mind.


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