One makeup product that women of color tend to avoid is blush. The truth is, blush is an essential beauty product that pulls any makeup look together. Want to instantly add warmth to your face? Want to achieve a rosy, flush appearance? Blush powder is the solution. We know that as women of color it can be difficult to find the best blush for your skin tone. To help guide your search, we have come up with a list of some of our favorite blush products for darker skin complexions.

MAC Raizin and MAC Gingerly

If you are looking for a neutral color to wear on your cheeks, then MAC Raizin and MAC Gingerly are perfect blushes for you. MAC Raizin is described as a reddish brown color that appears natural on medium to darker skin tones. If you are a lighter complexion, and want to achieve the same natural appearance, then MAC Gingerly is a great option.

Nars Exhibit A

Women of color look great with orange and reddish tones on their cheeks. One color that is gorgeous on darker skin tones is Nars Exhibit A, which is described as a bright orange and reddish blush. Nars Exhibit A looks best when it is applied lightly. It instantly adds a splash of color, creating natural and flushed cheeks.

MAC Dollymix

Anyone can wear bright pink blush. With influencers like Nicky Minaj, it is no secret that women of color are embracing bubblegum pink tones. One of our favorite blushes that will add a subtle pop of color to your cheeks is MAC Dollymix. Dollymix looks great on any skin tone, and creates naturally pink cheeks.

Nars Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a very pretty, golden and tangerine color. It adds warmth and radiance to darker skin. Taj Mahal is for those who are not afraid of a little shimmer on their cheeks, and who want to add a sheer wash of bright orange to their complexion.

Iman Luxury Blushing Powder in Sable

Very dark skinned women look best in rich shades of plum and berry on their cheeks. Iman’s blush in Sable is a creamy shade of cocoa that is extremely natural looking on darker tones. This chocolatey berry blush is timeless, promising to always be in style.

MAC Vintage Grape

Another great purple blush for darker skin tones is MAC Vintage Grape. Vintage Grape is a pretty plum color that is extremely wearable and versatile. When worn on darker tones, it freshens and livens the skin, resulting in an impeccable finish.

– Chelsey Wilkins

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