With their new reality show on WE, Toni Braxton and her sisters are betting that viewers will want to keep up with them. But what about those comparisons to those other reality show sisters?  In an interview with Black Enterprise, Toni says ‘not so fast’:

“At first I was flattered because The Kardashians have a successful show (although The Osbornes were the real pioneers of family reality TV). But the only similarity between us and them is that we’re family and we’re women. The difference is that we’re preacher’s kids and a family of singers.”

The reality show marks a stark departure from Toni’s normally very private handling of her personal life. The singer who has battled with her health and her finances says that she decided to do the show to take control of her own narrative.

“I was reluctant to have folks in my space because it’s invasive; but my sister Tamar said, ‘if you don’t tell your story, you are gonna be upset when someone else tells it and it’s wrong.’ She said, ‘your kids need to know the truth from you.’ So I’m using this as a format.”

Though she may be the littlest of Toni’s sisters, Tamar’s advice seems to really have had an effect on her big sis, who promises this season will offer an up close and personal look at her very real life.

“Braxton Family Values” airs Tuesday nights 9 EST on WE.

Are you watching Toni’s new show, Clutchettes?  Tell us what you think!

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