YouTube is a great community site that allows users to upload their own content and share news, entertainment and helpful information with its users. One particular genre that continues to increase in popularity on YouTube is make-up tutorials.  With thousands of users on YouTube sharing make-up and beauty tips and tricks; we felt the need to compile a list of our favorite make-up gurus for darker skin tones. Whether you need a unique make-up look for a special occasion or are new to applying make-up, these ladies will definitely provide what you are looking for.

Keisha, Makeupd0ll

Keisha’s channel offers a variety of make-up tutorials for both the new and the experienced makeup user. She has tutorials on neutral, everyday make-up as well as celebrity-inspired looks. While Keisha’s specialty is make-up application, don’t be surprised if you see hair tutorials and fashion outfit of the day vlogs.

Dolapo, SongbirdDiva4Life

SongbirdDiva4Life is the definition of diva glam. Her make-up video tutorials are excellent for those who prefer signature make-up looks, and enjoy being the center of the attention. Dolapo is also infamous for her Blush Crush series, where she reviews and wears popular blushes.

Ebony, Colouredbeautiful

Ebony is out to dispel the misconception that black women should stick to neutral colors when it comes to their make-up. Her channel is full of tutorials illustrating the beauty of blue eye shadows and other bright colors. She uses daring shades for unique dramatic looks. Her channel also includes hair tutorials and discussions on various topics.

Jackie, Lilpumpkinpie05

Jackie is a make-up artist whose mission is to go “against everything women of color are told not to do with make-up.” Like Ebony, she aspires to disprove myths. Her channel includes tutorials for everyone. If you are looking for advice on how to apply your make-up for the holidays, or how to apply eye shadow; there is a tutorial for you.

Megz, ulovemegz

Megz brings a plethora of beauty and hair tutorials to her subscribers. We love her because she provides step-by-step videos that are ideal for beginners, or those who are searching for natural, simple, and easy to apply make-up looks.

Alexxis, Flowerpush

Flowerpush is a young make-up guru on YouTube, who creates video tutorials for those searching for hip and fun make-up looks. She keeps the energy level high and will have you laughing, while you learn how to create the perfect eyebrow.

– Chelsey Wilkins

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