Ladies, we’ve all been there. While walking down the street, in the mall, out to dinner with friends, at work, or on our way to class, at some point in time a man approaches us and instead of flat out telling him we’re not interested, we kick the “I have a man” excuse to spare his feelings and to keep it with minimal drama.

But apparently, we’ve been taking the wrong approach all along.

While checking Facebook the other day, I saw that one of my friends had linked to this comical video from YouTube comedian Jerry Lavigne Jr. that gives men advice on what to do when a woman hits him with the “I have a man” excuse.

Clutchettes, we’ve been busted. The next time a man you’re not interested in approaches you, be honest…or risk being accosted by one of Lavigne’s YouTube followers.

Check out Lerry Lavigne Jr.’s video & tell us what you think!


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