Tika Sumpter is a new beauty on the scene and the industry is starting to take notice. The Body Shop tapped the Gossip Girl and The Game actress as a spokeswoman for its “Three Minute Shower Challenge” campaign which aims to promote water conservation.

Long warm showers are some of the favorite parts of my day so getting in and out in three minutes will surely be a challenge, but it is worth it when you hear these facts:

  • The average person uses 70 gallons of water while taking a ten-minute shower which equals 1,120 eight-ounce bottles of water
  • The 70 gallons from that ten-minute shower could quench your thirst for 140 days if you drink the recommended eight cups of water
  • A three-minute shower only uses 20 gallons

Tika feels her new role is important and wants us all to cherish water as she believes we take the valuable resource for granted: “Water is a resource we take for granted, but one we cannot live without.”

Will you be trying the Three Minute Shower Challenge? How are you celebrating Earth Day and trying to better the environment?

-Faith Cummings

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  • I had to take 3 minute showers years ago at camp, and try to stick to 5 minute showers. I’ll certainly give it a try! I didn’t really do anything differently on Earth Day. I conserve electricity and water and recycle everyday! I keep a bucket in the tub to collect water while I shower and then use the water to flush my toilet (only #2 and guests get flush privileges). I keep my thermostat set close to the outside temperature and turn off or unplug everything that’s not being used.

    • Bronze

      Wow….that is awesome. I admire you. Today at an Easter Egg hunt, I picked up all the trash left behind by the toddlers. I’d never done that b4 but I did today.

      This girl is sooo damn pretty. She could sell me dirty water.

  • lilkunta

    Hmm, Tika how much water does it take to wash that long weave or wog that you’re wearing?

    I bathe w a bucket. Occasionally I use the shower.

    I do recyle, turn off lights when I leave room, and always clean my plate.

    • I guess they don’t count all the water her stylist uses! I’m sure that unit takes about as much water as a 15 minute shower. Maybe she does like Serena Williams and uses bottled water?

    • “Hmm, Tika how much water does it take to wash that long weave or wog that you’re wearing?”

      ROFL you are awful! lol

  • If I’m co-washing I’ll need five minutes at least. I’d concur with the above comments and guess hair care doesn’t come under the three minutes…