It’s hard to decide whether we love UK songstress VV Brown more for her music or her style.

While VV (born Vanessa) bopped up the music charts with her funky sound, we were enraptured with her look.

Her eclectic fashion choices are always spirited, playful and bold. Her signature bang and fearless makeup (blue lips!) only add to the fun.

The statuesque beauty (she stands at 5’11) is not afraid to go digging through thrift shops for her stylish finds.

As she told the UK’s Metro: “I got into vintage because I was broke and had to learn how to shop creatively. I like the fact that, when you go into a second-hand shop, you have to search for your look; it’s not spoon-fed to you like in high-street fashion chains.”

Surely, that’s the inspiration behind her online shop, VV Vintage that we can’t wait to explore.

What’s particularly special about VV is that she puts her unique stamp onto everything she wears from an Asos dress to a smokey eye. And that’s just one more reason to heart her! Well, that, and we can’t get her songs out of our head.

Scroll through some of our favorite looks of hers below:

What do you think of VV Brown’s style?

-Channing Hargrove

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