From Frugivore — Concealing the truth is an American pastime.  We do it everyday in our conversations or even job interviews; we make sure our presentation rarely blends with reality.   The fashion industry allows people to hide their body shapes without shame, marketing fashionable women’s clothes via emaciated female models or tailored men’s suits that cover up most males’ unflattering, undeveloped regions.  As long as person is put together well, no one really wants, or has the time, to question what’s underneath the allure.

In this culture, for most people, unhealthy is synonymous with fat.  Obese people walk around with their addiction, or infliction, in full sight, much to the chagrin of these hapless people who are subject to instantaneous, negative judgments.  America is in the grips of an epidemic, but are obese people unfairly made the scapegoats?

Conversely, the people who are at the greatest risk of health complications are the ones deemed “skinny fat.”  Skinny fat people walk around anonymously because they don’t carry the stigma of obesity.  Since it’s rare for a skinny fat person to encounter anyone constantly hassling or shaming them into better shape for health reasons, they tend to eat as poorly, or even worse, as an overweight person and make weight gain or loss decisions based upon superficial reasons.

Skinny fat is a colloquial term for people who have a skinny frame but may carry visceral fat deposits around the midsection, chest, or buttocks.  Men who are skinny fat usually can be a little easier to spot, as they will have undeveloped arms or legs with the presence of “man boobs.”

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