Born into one of comedy’s most famous families, Damon Wayans Jr. has a lot to live up to. But the actor is bringing his unique humor to ABC’s new series “Happy Endings.” And with a smile that makes us swoon and a humor that brings makes us gasp for air, the young actor is prepared to handle all the success sure to come his way.

While he is getting primetime attention, Damon jokes that his talent was first recognized on a very small stage. In ninth-grade Damon played the killer in his class’ production of “Ten Little Indians.”

“I told the teacher I wanted a small part. She made me one of the main characters. The show came and I destroyed that show. I turned it into complete comedy. By the end of it, I got a standing ovation.”

While most people affiliate him with his clan, Damon initially tried to distance him self from his comedic legacy. In a recent interview with the Boston Herald, the young Wayans says when he first get onto the stand-up circuit he would use the pseudonym, Kyle Green, “just so people wouldn’t feel like they were obligated to laugh.”

Damon says hiding behind another name didn’t quite work out.

“I would be onstage and people would just yell out, ‘You’re Damon Wayans’ son! Same name. Same voice. Same face.’…It’s ridiculous. My name isn’t even really my name. Damon, that’s my dad’s name. He trademarked me.”

Even with that trademark, the comedian has been carving out his own niche, honing his craft. Now, landing a role on the ABC sitcom, Damon plays Brad on “Happy Endings”, a show premised on how a group of friends changes after one of their own gets left at the altar. In last night’s episode, his real-life famous father makes a cameo, playing Brad’s pops.


Initial reviews of “Happy Endings” have been mixed as TV critics seem to grapple with its placement. Is it ‘Friends’ just on fast-forward? Is it as good as the hit sitcom “Modern Family”? The expectations to live up to an iconic sitcom combined with the pressure to compete with the highly successful show in the time preceding time slot would seem a burden, but Damon says the ‘Happy Ending’ cast and crew is less concerned with the comparisons than giving audiences something authentic.

“That’s what I love about our show – we don’t play on cliché stereotypes. The interracial marriage isn’t a joke, they don’t write Max as a flamboyant homosexual – it’s just real. This is what normal people are like – just sometimes we’re funnier.”

“Happy Endings” airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on ABC.

What do you think of Damon Wayans Jr’s new show? Will you be tuning in to “Happy Endings”? Tell us what you think, Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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