Photo Credit: Gyasi Jones Photography, 2010

Daisy Giles says she hopes her art will explore “the beautifully natural and the stunningly fantastical.”

Giles, 22, studies at the University of Minnesota and says her passion for art is built into her genetics. She was born to a mother whose painting cover the walls in their home. However, painting only became more than a hobby when she took some elective classes for school.

Viewing her work, you can’t help but be grateful that this Two Cities artist didn’t put her natural talent to the side. Her paintings showcase figures of women unbound- no rules apply. Speaking of her work, Giles says she does not seek merely to reproduce prints of the physical form.

“I like playing with the simple situation of a beautiful and natural woman, pot bellied and relaxed, with the implausible situation of her hair growing three feet past her head and branching out to become a resting place for nearby birds. I like creating images of things that aren’t actual possible but that I wish were possible and that somehow feel like they could be. I think that these feelings are ones that many women can relate too, but that they perhaps can’t quite put their finger on and can’t quite define.”

Her paintings bring the viewer into a shared world and allow Giles to show the place where both the natural and fantastical collide.

When It's Quiet, Daisy Giles

Just Because, Daisy Giles

For more information on Daisy Guiles and her work,  visit her website:  www.daisygiles.com

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