I never thought it would happen but I’ve found my soul mate…workout that is.

As a former athlete I’ve always relied on running to stay in shape. Treadmill running and outside runs have been a staple in my quest to get and stay healthy and of course maintain my weight. But like everyone else I go through droughts, long periods where my running shoes collect a fair amount of dust and don’t move from the corner of my closet.

I made a promise to myself for 2011 (this year I will turn 30): I will make an effort to consistently workout and eat healthy. For real. Not a New Year’s Resolution as much as a life change. I promised myself I would no longer going to make excuses (I have a lot of them that are tried and true) as to why I cannot workout. I promised myself I would do something I almost never do, get up earlier even if it is only 20 minutes earlier to workout.

The problem for me has always been finding something that I like doing. A reason to hop out of bed and throw on my workout clothes. My schedule doesn’t allow me to join or go to a gym so I have to replicate that in my house. I have an elliptical machine but after about 6 months even that wasn’t getting used on a consistent basis.

Last month, with Christmas approaching I searched for something else I could do in the New Year that I would enjoy but most importantly that would be effective. I have such a limited amount of time I can’t afford to mess around with some contraption or sub-standard workout that wouldn’t give me the results I need.

Then like a miracle that dropped out of the sky (or one that was suggested to me via Twitter) I was introduced to Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson which is a product sold by Beachbody (the creators of P90X).

Turbo Fire is my soul mate workout.

When my alarm goes off in the morning I no longer press snooze. I’m actually excited to get up and press play on Turbo Fire. Really excited. The reason is that Turbo Fire is fun, really fun. Fun like I need some of the music on my iPod fun (Chalene if you are reading this hook a sista up!). Most at home workout programs do not focus on the music. If you have ever done one before you know most of them have that standard aerobic music that is like elevator music just faster. Shorter: None of the music normally in workout DVDs would even find a place on my iPod. And who workouts out without their iPod blasting anymore? Not me. That’s why I love Turbo Fire so much. I actually enjoy working hard and doing the intense cardio and kickboxing moves. Most importantly I am in my house and can throw on whatever workout gear I want even if I’m not matching and go upstairs, press play and get my cardio on.

Turbo Fire is my soul mate workout. Seriously consider the activities that you look forward to doing and make that your soul mate workout. Working out is something you should look forward to and that is an essential part of your schedule.

I implore everyone reading to make the same promise I made to myself at the end of 2010. Find your soul mate workout and get to it! Do it for your health. Do it for your self-esteem. Do it so dress shopping isn’t about finding something to cover your trouble spots. Do it so you don’t have to suffer in Spanx for 6 hours during a night out. Do it so you don’t have to do an unhealthy crash diet before your vacation with your girlfriends to the Bahamas. Just do it!

You only have one body and by finding a workout that you enjoy and even finding a friend or family member to enjoy it with you can ensure that you can be your best self.

Find your soul mate so you and your 6 pack can live happily ever after.

If you would like more information about Beachbody products including Turbo Fire go to www.beachbody.com.

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