She’s ba-ack.

Frenchie Davis, once a contestant on American Idol, was back on national television singing her stuff but this time on a new stage in front of a new set of judges.

The singer made her debut on the series premier of The Voice last night. Rocking her signature short cut and contoured cheeks, Frenchie belted out Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” As judges, Cee-lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton sat to listen, their backs were facing the stage as part of the show’s initial blind audition. Clearly impressed by her vocals, Christina Aguilera swiveled her chair in a gesture to show she had chosen Frenchie for her team.

Turning to see her after she finished her performance, Cee-lo instantly identified Frenchie, but was unsure where he had seen her before. As many of you probably remember, Frenchie was disqualified from American Idol in 2003 after explicit photos surfaced showing she had posed for a kiddie-porn website. She has since starred in Rent on Broadway, but she is remembered most for the incident that sparked outrage on nearly every side.

The Voices judges act as musical coaches for the talented amateurs, a model quite different from their Idol counterparts.  And while Frenchie’s appearance was certainly not expected, personally, I was caught more off-guard by the resurfacing of a wide-eyed Carson Daly.  I mean seriously, that guy never goes away. New theory: Carson Daly is to show hosting what Richard Alpert was to LOST- ageless and inescapable.

It will be interesting to see how Frenchie does on The Voice, especially with Christina as her coach. Will voters embrace her after all these years?

Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts on Frenchie’s second chance!

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  • I was surprised to see Carson Daly on the show last night. He’s been gone from television for awhile, I thought it was so random! lol

  • Samantha W.

    Love Frenchie! Hope she makes it the end.

  • rkj

    Carson Daly has a late night half hour show that airs weeknights on NBC. Comes on at 1:35 AM EST. He often features indie music acts and actors. He’s had the show for several years now.

    As for “The Voice”, I really enjoyed watching it. The show makes “American Idol” seem stale (that and the lack of interesting contestants).
    I was a bit annoyed by the “pros who didn’t make it the first time around” aspect of it.
    Frenchie, Tarralyn, and Javier may have lovely voices… but if people weren’t excited enough in them the first time around… I can’t see it happening 5, 6, or 7 years later.

  • John

    Frenchie is a very talented woman. Are you absolutely certain it was a kiddie-porn site? No one else has said that, just that it was a porn site. There’s a world of difference. Were children actually involved? Serious allegation, that, and one that does make a difference in how I’d view her, or whether I would at all. Posing topless or even naked isn’t a big deal IMO; but doing it with minors is. Seriously, please check the facts and post a reply.