I can’t tell you the last time I saw anyone rocking from Marc Ecko. Proudly.  The last ad campaign that comes to mind was when the company was marketing their bedazzled sneakers with help of then High School Musical Star, Vanessa Hudgens. And perhaps that lack of visibility and sales is why the apparel company is rolling out a promotional offer that is truly crazy.

Marc Ecko’s new “Branded For Life” promotion is offering a 20 percent lifetime discount to customers who download one of the company’s logos. For the special few who actually choose to go through with it, there is a choice between the Ecko Rhino and its Cut & Sew shears.

Besides the very obvious absurdity of this promotion, we had to ask ourselves- 20 percent? Really though? That’s what branding yourself buys you? Not even half off? Come on.  Look, we all have brands we love- but tattooing yourself for a piece off the top is extreme. I love me some Haute Hippie, but there will never ever come a day when you will really see me with double H’s on my skin.

At the very least, the campaign has gotten the company in the news for a day.  But Lord knows , in the back of my mind, I’m just praying no one pulls a Gucci Mane and really brands a rhino on their cheek.

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