As Spring is quickly approaching (we hope), it’s time for us to start prepping ourselves for hair removal.

In pursuit of smooth, touchable skin (and as little pain as possible in the process), we turned to beauty expert and entrepreneur, Cindy Barshop.

The mother of twin daughters and the newest cast member to join season 4 of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York” franchise, Barshop is also the owner of the uber-chic, highly successful completely bare spa chain.

We caught up with the busy hair removal expert for her input on the ins-and-outs of hair removal. Whether you’re a regular like Kim Kardashian (who got bikini waxes as young as 12!) or a hair removal newbie, this beauty advice will make your next spa visit a smooth one.

Coco+Creme: What advice do you have for hair removal first-timers?

Cindy Barshop: Make sure that you do your research and find a place that specializes in hair removal.  When booking your appointment, let the spa coordinator know if you are taking any medications that may be contra indications or if you have had any sun exposure recently so they can make sure you receive the safest treatment available.  If you are very nervous, schedule a test patch and you will be able to see exactly what the treatment will feel like.

C+C: Is hair removal always painful?

CB: It really all depends on the person.  I have come out with the completely bare method; our specialists utilize the newest machines and manipulate the settings to decrease the amount of pain. I just came out with ‘Not Feelin’ It’, which is a numbing spray that definitely makes hair removal hurt less by cooling and numbing the area prior to a wax. We also use a special wax, the completely bare ouchless wax that works well on sensitive skin.

C+C: What is one of the biggest mistakes people make when deciding to do any type of hair removal procedure?

CB: They are not cautious of contra indications. Let your specialist know if you are taking any medications to be safe.  When it comes to laser appointments, it is important to stay on schedule which means booking appointments 4-6 weeks apart.

C+C: What’s the best way to prepare for a spa visit?

CB: Exfoliate and come in with questions for your specialist, (if you have any) so you feel comfortable.

C+C: What’s the most requested procedure among your male and female clients?

CB: For women, the most requested service is bikini wax and bikini laser. For men, the most requested service us back laser and back wax.

C+C: Are there any do-it-yourself products that clients can use between visits that you recommend?

CB: For in between waxing visits, I recommend Don’t Grow There, a hair inhibitor and moisturizer that contains the CB tri-complex, which is our proprietary blend that slows hair growth, decreases hair density, extends the length between visits and minimizes ingrown hairs.

For more information on completely bare spa, visit Completely-Bare.com.

When the weather gets warm, what hair removal procedures do you choose? What are some other great hair removal tips?

-Margaret Francois

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