After months of bloodshed and unrest, people throughout the Ivory Coast have reason to celebrate or at least feel relieved.

Former president Laurent Gbagbo was detained Monday after forces stormed his residence. In this recently released footage, the dramatic capture is shown as forces are seen entering the compound using heavy firepower.

Despite conflicting reports on who was responsible for Gbagbo’s capture, the video shows the strongman was removed from his home by troops loyal to the internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara. After losing last year’s presidential election to Ouattara, Gbagdo refused to leave office. His refusal set off violent clashes across the country and plunged the West African nation into civil war.

Upon news of Gbagbo’s capture, many across the Ivory Coast broke into celebration. As their now acting President Ouattara stated in his televised address: “Finally, we have reached the dawn of a new era of hope. We had hoped this transfer had been different, but we have to focus on today.”

Gbagbo is currently being held at the Golf Hotel, which has served as headquarters of both Ouattara and the United Nations. Alain Le Roy, under-secretary-general of the United Nations’ Department of Peacekeeping Operations says it is his understanding that President Ouattara and his supporters want to Gbagbo to face trail in the Ivory Coast as opposed to appearing before International Criminal Court, as has been suggested.


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