Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion icon with a career that spans decades, making us all wonder if the man is in fact immortal.

Every few years, he picks his favorite models and “It” girls out and makes them ambassadors for his brand and the leading faces in his advertising campaigns and various other projects.

What a pleasant surprise to see that Jeneil Williams is in fact one of those women. She stars as one of three faces in his new Diet Coke Campaign alongside Heidi Mount and Coco Rocha, signaling just how big of a supermodel she has become.

Lagerfeld has designed three limited-edition bottles for the global soft drink brand as well as a collector’s box for those who just cannot get enough of him.

Anyone who has spent time in the fashion industry knows that Diet Coke is the drink of choice so the collaboration couldn’t have been more perfect.

What is also amazing is that he sketched images of the models for the campaign and we must say the resemblance to Jeneil Williams is uncanny.

We featured the Jamaican beauty as a Model Muse just a few days ago and are thrilled about her latest campaign with Lagerfeld. We’re sure there will be more exciting projects coming up for Jeneil Williams with the Fall 2011 advertising campaign shoots underway.

-Faith Cummings

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