In the May issue of Allure, Keri Hilson is baring it all. Well, sort of.

Allure’s annual Naked issue, which features celebrities striped down, features the ATL singer-songwriter posing nude. Laying out on a hot white couch, Keri strikes her best pose, looking both sexy and tasteful at the same time.

In her interview with the magazine, Keri spilled on the difficulties that came with making the transition from behind the scenes to being up front as an R&B star.

“The transition to being in front of the camera was very, very difficult. Everyone has their idea of what you should look like. ‘You need to get into the gym.’ ‘You need to wear less clothes.’ ‘Wear dresses and skirts.’ ‘Put a weave in.’ ‘Cut your hair.’ ‘Color your hair.’ There are so many ways that others tug at you.”

Keri said the shoot was a chance to get from behind a mask and show her true self. In her interview with Allure, the singer said:

“We do a lot of things to seek validation: I have to get more expensive handbags or fake lashes or fake boobs. This shoot was about dropping all that.”

This year, Keri is joined by Ashley Tisdale, Bridget Moynahan, and Kaley Cuoco, who all stripped down for the Naked issue as well. Past stars including Gabrielle Union and Jill Scott have posed for the issue as well.

While meant to show women stripped down and personal, the Naked issue is catching criticism for enhancing the nude photos of the celebs. There is not a blemish, not a stray hair in any of the photos. By ensuring that the celebs are completely blemish free, has Allure undermined their goal of embracing the female figure, flaws and all?

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