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  • mamadita

    omg i love it ….has a feel good factor…..short and sweet……..its a nice summer song, a song that wll remind you of the summer when your in winter…………i’m gonna blast this out tomorrow morning………………… how about you? =D

  • African Mami

    Heck yeah! I’ve been looking for the full length version of this song, and here I was ignoring it on Clutch. I loooooooove my babbbbbbbbbby! I’ll be cruising on the highway with all the windows rolled down blasting this song with my beautiful pseudo hair blowing in the wind.(unless somebody knows how I can a fro to flow with the wind). POW!


  • this little midget I love her

    I love keyshia coles voice she has such a beautiful voice. Some people can sing and hit notes that doesnt necessarily mean that they have good tone. She can be really raw at times. LOL….Like a true oakland girl. There are jersey girls and there are oakland girls. LOL…White people, black and biracial black people, hispanics and asians from oakland are raw! They are like no other! Everyone from cali especially knows this!

    I remember people from the hardest southern california neighborhoods giving cudos to people in oakland. Hell if you can make it there you truly can make it anywhere! Be it if the people are rich or poor they are raw and feisty in that concrete half suburbs half ghetto community. They are all the same kind of raw. Trust!

    That is the thing I love about them. They are what you get and you get alot of it! LOL She is very talented and gorgeous. It is hard to sell records these days. Since, music is pretty much dead. For her to be able to sell two platinum albums says alot. But, I have to admit her latest album suck it does not live up to her abilities or talents. That first single with nicki minaj sucked big time. Nicki I’ll give it to her she can do a collabo like it is no ones business she uses her best lines for ’em. That is where her strong point is.But, what the heck was she talking about in that song and I could barely hear her! No umph! The lyrics werent that good either to the song and the strongest point was the hook. It was like the same kind of quality puts out in her albums. They can do better.

  • better days coming

    I am not impressed by this album or nicki minaj. I am sure their next will be much better. I hope there will be more fire and desire. Nicki gave all her goodies away in collabos. She didnt save any of her sweets for her own cookie jar. Keyshia makes such beautiful songs when she makes them.

    I would like her to write and work with writers that brought her platinum albums. Some times keyshia is all over the place with trying to have other artists and this and that. She needs to get in that studio and have some quality time and make those hits!

    • better days

      I am not impressed by nicki or keyshia album this time around. lol