Lace Wigs 101


The lace wig is here and it’s here to stay. It’s always great when you discover a hair extension method that doesn’t add stress and strain to your actual hair, that looks natural and believable, and can be worn in many different styles. Celebrities and the elite have known about the lace wig method for years. Now, anybody with $30 can purchase a unit. I don’t know about you, but I have seen so many disastrous lace wigs that quite frankly, I’m sick of it. To prevent yours from being a walking H.A.M., I have included a few tips to ensure that your lace wig looks as natural and believable as it should.

Choose Your Unit Wisely

Be smart when selecting your lace wig unit. The purpose of the lace wig is to create a natural and realistic hairstyle that appears to be growing from your scalp. Purchasing hair that is extreme and drastic in colors, textures, lengths or styles, will look artificial. Take your time during the selection process, especially if you are spending a lot of money for a long-lasting and high quality unit. The best lace wigs are the ones that match your own hair texture, that are versatile, meaning they can be styled in many different ways, and that actually look like hair grown from your scalp. Purchase from a reputable retailer and ask questions. Remember, you get what you paid for, so choose wisely.

Cutting the Lace

When was the last time you saw someone with a perfectly straight hairline? Probably never, and if you did he/she was probably wearing a botched lace wig. Before cutting the lace from your unit, be sure to examine your own hairline first. When you do cut the lace, be extremely careful. Use tweezers, if you need to get a closer cut. If you are new to lace wigs, and fear that you will be unable to achieve a natural hairline, purchase a lace wig with bangs. The bangs will hide the lace and your hairline.

Lace Wig Placement

This seems to be the area where most women go wrong. So, I thought I’d break down a few rules to help guide your process.

1. Make sure that your own hair is properly styled before applying the lace wig. You want your hair to be flat and smooth, to prevent the appearance of any lumps and bumps in the wig. A wig cap is an excellent tool to ensure that your hair stays flat under the wig.

2. Choose a lace wig application that works best for you. There is no single way to applying a lace wig unit. You can use liquid glue, adhesive strips, tape and/or pins. There are a lot of online resources available to assist you in deciding which application method is easiest and most efficient. Do your research so that you can do it right! If you tend to be heavy handed with glue, use adhesive tape. Nothing is worse than seeing dried glue on someone’s forehead. It screams, “LACE WIG!”

3. When you’re finally ready to apply your lace wig, remember that your hairline does not start in the middle of your forehead. This sounds simple enough, but I am shocked by how many women in Hollywood and outside, make this crucial lace wig mistake. Do not mistake your eyebrows for your hairline!

Maintain Your Unit

You find a lace wig that looks absolutely stunning and effortless. No one can tell you that it is not your hair, but the truth is, it is NOT your hair. So, you must treat it as such. Be sure to address any sliding back or loose wigs before anyone else can. No one wants to see your wig cap, corn rolls, or fuzzy hairline. Be able to identify the life cycle of your wig. Synthetic wigs last only a short time, while some human hair lace wigs can last up to a year. The worst thing you can do is to wear a lace front that should have been retired months ago.

– Chelsey Wilkins

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