Well Clutchettes, Bey is back, and she’s here to tell you that girls run this mutha….shut yo’ mouth!

I know, many of you cannot wait for the return of Sasha Fierce, so while we wait for the official video to drop, I’m here to share Queen Bey’s new single, “Girls (Who Run the World” with you.

Driven by a sample of Major Lazer’s electronic dancehall riddim “Pon de Floor,” Beyonce taps into Willow Smith’s girl-power awesomeness to offer a grown-up anthem for all of the women who are confident, independent, and oh so sexy.

It’ll be hard not to hit the dance floor when this song comes on and yell out, “Who runs this world?! Girls!”

Listen to Beyonce’s newest single, “Girls” and let us know what you think!

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  • ms. complexity

    Not really for me. Not a huge Beyonce fan – although “Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)” is always in heavy rotation on the treadmill.

    This song… meh. But the voice is still great.

    Same drum beat as “@ss On The Floor” by Diddy.

  • Smurf-Berry

    Notagoodlookatall. When will black music get back to it’s roots. I’m a Bey fan, this mess is wack city. How silly is it for a 30 year woman to sing a song talking about “girls run this”. Grow the heck up please. Now go back and turn on your MPC 2000 and make a better track. Something that we can all enjoy.