“Good evening everyone, I am Tony Harris, it is 1600 GMT and this is Al Jazeera.”

And so started Tuesday on Al Jazeera English, where a former CNN anchor has found a new home.

After nearly six years with CNN, Tony Harris has taken a role at Al Jazeera as a full-time “presenter.”  His first report covered the health issues of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  In a statement, Harris said he was excited for the new opportunity:

“I’m really pleased to have joined. Having an interest in news from around the world, I was attracted by AJE’s global focus and look forward to being involved in stories from all points of the globe. It’s a very exciting time to be coming on board.”

Harris, an Emmy award-winning journalist, has worked in very different roles. Prior to hosting “CNN Newsdesk”, Harris worked at HBO and as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Harris left CNN in December.

The move is a big one for Harris and also highlights the prowess of Al Jazeera English in bringing in anchors to expand their viewership.

What do you think Tony Harris’ move, Clutchettes?  Will you watch the anchor on his new home network? Share your thoughts!

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