In his new book, Kevin Hansen asks a question many of us would rather not think of:

What is your biggest regret?

Though we can spend our days avoiding it, stacking our hours full of tasks to keep the question at by, the truth is- we all have an answer to that question.

Hansen’s “Secret Regrets” includes submissions pulled from the hundreds of anonymous posts on a website he launched in 2007. Even with only the basic information, like name and age, that people sometimes provide, readers can get a sense of where the words are coming from.

I say this knowing that so many people use the “I live my life with no regrets” mantra to dismiss the question. You know the type, the free spirit who posts statuses declaring they are completely at ease with their past. And whenever I see these ‘no regret’ declarations, I want to Swizz-Jada ‘Point ‘Em Out’ because we all have elements in our past that occasionally reach from the depths of our memory and tug us out of our present.

Regret is real, it happens and sometimes it stays despite the brightness in front of us. But it is important to channel it the right way and turn it from a deep seeded guilt to a motivating driver. This world is basically a composite of billions of people making mistakes everyday, but every once in a while we get it right, nations at a time, one by one, and we create something wonderful.

Today, own your regrets. Use the memories of the past to push you further forward and do what you can in the present- getting it right this time around.

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