It’s enough time to go from being the new one to someone whose name everybody knows.  It’s enough time to take a bare apartment and fill it with character and worn-in memories.  And if you’re heart can take it — its enough time to find a love, lose it and then open up to it  again.

15 weeks may not be a milestone we’re used to seeing, but in that space of time, miracles can happen.

15 weeks is how much time has passed since Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down by a mentally disturbed assailant. And though it seems that so much has happened since the Saturday shooting in Tuscan, slowly it seems things are getting back to the way they were.

This week in a report chronicling her progress, Giffords’ legislative chief of staff, Pia Carusone, spoke about her boss.  Carusone said that Gifford has regained her old posture, that even when she sat she was, “stringent…tall, tight, strong – like always.”

Though she still has limited use of the right side of her body, physicians say Giffords is in the top 5 percent of patients recovering from her type of brain injury.  Her willpower  can be seen in her latest goal: to walk a mountain.

Yes, not only has she regained her memory and mobility, Giffords also has plans to walk a mountain.  It’s incredible and it’s admirable, but it should be pointed out: it’s also human.

15 weeks ago, there was something impossible that is now done in your life.  There was a dream you felt would have to remain wrapped away, a question you felt would never get an answer.  But now, it is done.  And my question is: what about the next 15 weeks?

Oftentimes, it’s easy for us to look back and see accomplishments, but it’s hard to see what’s to come.  We find ourselves seeing the next year, the next ten and trying to measure up to that.  But what about setting an uncommon milestones for yourself? We all know what it is like to feel like all the pieces weren’t quite in place, like parts of us weren’t working with the rest of ourselves.  But there is no reason not to set a goal of walking a mountain.

Today, look ahead and see the start of your 15 weeks.  They can be for recovery or rebuilding, but they’re yours.  They’re laid out in front of you if you can regain your posture and stand strong. So get ready — because the next 15 weeks could change your life —  they start right…now.


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