It’s hard not to love Musiq Soulchild. The crooner behind modern classics like “Don’t Change,” “Love,” and “Half Crazy,” is a leading voice in Soul and R&B and managing to stay on top without the closely packed single release schedule of other stars.

After some time away, Musiq is returning to the promotional circuit getting the word out about his new album, MUSIQINTHEMAGIQ. And along the way Musiq’s been talking about the women he loves the most- us.

In a recent interview with BET, Musiq was asked what his biggest piece of advice for Black women would be. The singer’s words to sisters:

“No one can make you happy. No one can help you grow in life more than you can. I can love you to death, but I can only go so far. I can inspire and encourage you as much as I can, but when you play an active role to find that self-security and that self-worth, it makes the difference. So, I love when [Black] women say, “You know what, let me go on ahead and make this thing happen.”

Amen. Musiq’s words should dispel any doubt that good men don’t want women who are about their own. Focusing on our own personal happiness is an effort that helps make us truly beautiful and shows we’re ready for and deserving of love.

So what about Musiq’s love life? While the Philly singer is rumored to be wrapped up with a nameless California girl, he declined to comment about his personal relationship. But as for what he can’t resist in a woman, Musiq gave an answer that reminded us why we fell for him in the first place.

“Well, without stating the obvious. I love the strength of women. Our [male] strength is more physical strength. Women have emotional strength and there’s nothing like it.”

It’s great to hear some positive words of appreciation and encouragement from Musiq and we can’t wait to hear his new album too.

MUSIQINTHEMAGIQ hits stores May 3rd.

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