Remember when the only curse words you heard uttered on TV were “damn” and “hell”? Or when sex wasn’t blatantly displayed, but rather suggestively hinted about, as to not offend those watching? Well, those days are definitely long gone.

Recently I came across an article on AdAge that took a look at why and how TV shows are pushing the envelop by displaying sex, violence and using obscenities on air.

The article, “Why $#*! Our TVs Say Is No Longer Taboo,” wonders:

And yet, argues one broadcast executive who declined to be identified, TV “evolves with the culture,” not the other way around. “We reflect culture more than leading it,” this executive said.

If that’s the case, TV networks — cable and broadcast — are showing us a world in which the harshest profanities, grisliest scenes and most private sex acts have become as much a part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth or drinking coffee. CBS’s “The Good Wife” this season depicted its main character receiving oral sex from her husband (no nudity), before cutting away to a commercial (imagine being the sponsor whose ad showed up next). CW’s “90210” has shown a teenage boy receiving oral sex in a parked car.

That’s a far cry from “I Love Lucy” or “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” in which networks were fearful of even letting spouses be depicted sleeping in the same bed. Why just as recently as 1990, CBS caused a stir when it aired an episode of sitcom “Uncle Buck” in which a child yelled “You suck!” in the show’s opening moments.

What happened? While some may posit the nation has grown coarser over time, some observers suggest technology is the real culprit.”

So what do you think Clutchettes and Gents? Has TV evolved with our culture or is it leading the march toward sex, violence, and obscenities becoming the norm?

Let’s talk about it!


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