Last year it seemed like everyone was talking about the plight of single Black women. From the Nightline special that wondered why successful, educated, and totally available Black women were still unmarried, to the shocking statistics that screamed, “70% of Black women are unmarried!” It seemed like everybody was talking about why many of us weren’t walking down the aisle.

Instead of investigating the root causes of why many of us are single (unrealistic expectations perhaps?), some women bought into the hype and assumed that there was a “black girl curse” that prevented us from having our fantasy wedding.

While many waxed poetic about why we weren’t running down the isle like our White counterparts (who, by the way, are also waiting longer to get married), others declared it was time for Black women to break out of the black dating box and date a White man (or Latino man, or Asian man, or whomever).

In the book, Don’t Bring Home a White Boy, Karyn Langhorne explores the stigma still attached to interracial dating, and why it shouldn’t be a deterrent for Black women looking to find love.


Although many Black men have embraced their dating options and have married many non-Black women (Note: the majority of Black men who are married, nearly 80%, are married to Black women), Black women are still slow to embrace interracial dating.

But why?

Why do Black women find it difficult dating White men, when Black men seem to be comfortable embracing all of their options? Are we stuck on stupid or just holding firm to our dream of a Black prince?

So Clutchettes, would you marry a White (or other non-Black) man?

Let’s talk about it!


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