FOR COLORED GUYS who’ve considered PEROXIDE when their haircut wasn’t enough…

From the blonde Soul Patch in Father MC’s hair to the gold rock-A-doodle style Chris Tucker rocked in the movie The Fifth Element to the Ken doll-blonde style Sisqo wore, colored hair on men of color is nothing new. But like the careers of the aforementioned people, I always thought dying hair was only popular in the 90s.

Sadly, like all trends, this one has returned as we’ve seen a resurgence of men trading in their low Caesars for low lights in their hair.

Taking more than just dances from Sisqo, Chris Brown adopted Sisqo’s blonde hair and debuted it via Twitter a few weeks ago.  However after some highly publicized lapses of judgment, he went from singing Yeah 3x to rinsing out that dye 3x. By the time he performed on Dancing With The Stars, he was sporting his natural hair color again.

Wiz Khalifa debuted his blonde patch a la Father MC on the cover of Rolling Stone. More recently, the rapper The Game sported a red Mohawk (double offense) celebrating the release of his upcoming single, “Red Nation” from the album, “The R.E.D. Album.”

He claimed that the ladies love it; do you?

What do you think of the recent wave of men dying their hair bold colors?

I’m praying that this dyed hair trend will fade to black, pun intended.

-Christian Law

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