For the last week the airwaves, Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines have been filled with talk of the royal nuptials. Much to my dismay, a lot of the responding comments were negative.

Even during the Wedding, I was shocked to find so many abrasive comments, especially from people who A) didn’t have to watch it B ) hadn’t watched it C) had gotten up early just to talk about how mad they were that people were watching it.

It’s time to embrace the excitement surrounding the wedding instead of being critical. Here are four reasons to cease the royal whining:

4. Real Love

So many times we see couples that are married that don’t look happy and are heading to divorce. And aside from our Royal Couples, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and President Barack and Michelle Obama, the couples we do see in the public eye rarely get married, no matter their race. The royal couple are clearly in love and want to declare it under God, and isn’t that worth celebrating?

Many of us glorify “Basketball Wives” and “Real Housewives” that have never been married but we bash a Prince who wants to put a ring on the love of his life? It’s about time we see a wife that’s actually a wife and not a groupie-turned-star like those featured on the ever-popular yet trashy reality shows of today.

3. Real People

Its very clear that this couple is down-to-earth despite their legacy and status. Certain elements, like the fact that Kate Middleton did her own makeup, reveal that the elite and out-of-touch era of British royalty is a thing of the past.

2. Real Fashion

The fashion at this wedding was top-notch. From all the exquisite hats from Philip Treacy to the Beckhams’ sophisticated style, everyone was dressed to the nines. The groom and best man were dapper in military-inspired attire. The sister of the bride turned heads (some argue more than the bride) in her form-fitting gown. Lastly, the Grace Kelly-inspired Alexander McQueen gown Kate wore was sophisticated, youthful and elegant—and the historical moment for the McQueen brand is worth all the attention it garners.

1. Real Class

The wedding was a classy affair from the entrances to the long red carpet; to the floral arrangements to the hymns sang by the choir.  The event was refreshing to watch because it shows that class is just as entertaining as the reality show antics currently on television.

Though they were married before most of us knew their story, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the perfect examples of why the merits of love, humility, class and fashion should be celebrated. Instead of condemning the media blitz surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton, we can celebrate the example they set—and the example our “Royal” couples set as well.

What do you think of the Royal Wedding coverage? Did you criticize or embrace it and why?

-Christian Law

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