Seems like it’s been ages since hitmaker Ryan Leslie and Cassie were coupled up.  But when R-Les speaks about his old flame, it can feel like they were arm in arm just yesterday.

In a recent interview with Bullet Magazine, the producer opened up about he and Cassie’s hush hush love. Speaking about Diddy’s (rumored) girl, Ryan said:

“Cassie was my girl in New York City. We were going out romantically, and we made a song and put it out just for fun. I would hope that people get into romantic relations for fun and pleasure. It’s the dream of every guy to have a girl that’s super fun, hot, and awesome, and have everyone look at her. That was certainly fun.”

Several things here: ‘my girl in New York City’? As opposed to what? His girls elsewhere?
As for their current relationship, Ryan was super honest about where his relationship with Cassie is today.

“She is still signed to Next Selection, but to be honest, we don’t really speak. We are still cordial. I saw her at Kanye’s Bowery performance and I said “Hello” to her. You always have the curiosity about what would happen if we got back in the studio, but it’s a matter of scheduling and timing. If it ever happens, I am one hundred percent open to it.”

Given that Ryan Leslie made one of the only Cassie songs we can remember, a musical reunion between the two might not be such a bad idea.

What’s you take on Ryan Leslie’s comments about Cassie? Is having other guys staring down your girl really every guys dream?

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