Most people who know me know that I think that having your relationship status on Facebook is kinda lame; even more lame: the “in a relationship with” status (“it’s complicated” takes the internet over-sharing cake…serious shame on you if you’ve ever gone there after the age of 16). For years, I had nothing up there. No “single” and surely no “interested in”, because I wasn’t “interested in” meeting men on Facebook!

And so what did I do when my boyfriend prepared to leave town for his five year college reunion? I sent him relationship request on Facebook. Why? So the girls at his alma mater would know he was off the market, duh.

*hangs head in shame*

I know. I’m wack sauce for that. If he’s got it in his mind that he wants to go down there and step out on me, ain’t no Facebook-status gonna change that. It may detract the girls like me who make it a rule to avoid attached men, but there’s always the girl who doesn’t know or doesn’t care about who’s waiting for you back home. But I couldn’t help but to want anyone who might have been thinking about stepping to him this weekend to know what time it is.

Temptation is a real thing and most people in relationships have to deal with it. Being approached by someone attractive who reveals that they had a thing for you in college, but never acted on it, could be a difficult situation to be faced with…right? He isn’t simply going to a party; he’s going back to his old stomping grounds.  Where people may not know him as Mr. Loyal Boyfriend, but instead, Mr. Call Him After The Club. My Facebook linkage could make things easier for him in that regard! It was a noble act. Seriously!

*le sigh*

You know what he asked me: “Do you trust me?”  And I told him the same thing I said last time he asked- that I trust his intentions and I believe that when he leaves my side, he fully plans to behave like a man in a committed relationship. However, I also know that he’s human and that humans are fallible. So if we can try and put up some barriers or shields between us and those who may help us to make mistakes, is that really a bad thing?  I’ll keep the rest of the conversation between us and just say that it ended peacefully, he accepted my request, but he was a little disappointed in my actions…and so was I.

What’s done is done and deleting the Facebook relationship would just be odd and cause for gossip at this point. And the little section with the tagged photos of us looks kind of cute. And, yes, I do enjoy the fact that any ex-girlfriend, former jumpoff or chick with a crush on him will now see my name in big bold letters when she gets on her FB-stalking grind. Maybe it’s less about trust than it is pride. Whatever the case, I’m a lame Facebook boo now and I’m fine with it.

Oh, and if you know any girls travelling to Wash U. this weekend, tell them that I’m tall and I erase social security numbers. J


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