Last night, Shonda Rhimes and the creators of Grey’s Anatomy took a big risk: turning the medical drama into a musical event. And while she definitely had my respect before, I had to say, “All hail the Queen.”

For an hour fans of the show got to watch as the characters they have come to know and love for seven seasons take on some of the most memorable songs from Grey’s soundtrack. The show is known for it’s amazing and varied musical selection, featuring artists from Reflection Eternal to Mumford & Sons. Almost every week after Grey’s I know I’m going to have a list of songs that I need to download ASAP.

The show’s stars all admitted they were more than a little nervous to take on the challenge of pulling off a musical. While some had musical theatre in their background, star and eye candy Jesse Williams said he was less than ‘Glee’-ful about shooting last night’s episode. Speaking to People, Williams said:

“I don’t love musicals, so I was kind of like ‘Oh, great. But it’s really, really beautiful. Shooting it was really, really moving.”


Watching it was equally moving as the show merged the music to the plot of the hospital favorites trying to save one of their own. The episode has gotten mixed reviews though, with some saying the episode was too far out of the show’s comfort zone.

Did you watch last night’s Grey’s Anatomy musical event? What did you think, Clutchettes? Share your thoughts with us!

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