Why Are Critics Blasting Kanye West For Wearing a Women’s Silk Shirt at Coachella? – Kanye West is a trendsetter if ever there was one. He usually goes for the most outrageous and flashy of fashions, which is rare among rappers. Bold and envelope-pushing looks are what we’ve come to expect from the star who boasts legions of fans that follow in his fashionable footsteps, buying anything that he wears. He headlined the last night of the 2011 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California with a performance that will go down in the event’s history. Not for his fashion but for the set’s stirring visuals, the moving modern and ballet dance routines and Kanye’s passionate rendition of his top hits as well as his declaration that Coachella is “the most important show since his Mom passed.” He dedicated the show, which Hollywood Reporter called one of the greatest hip hop sets of all time, to his mother. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Kimora Lee Simmons Makes Statements Alluding to Anorexia and Then Retracts Them, But Which Are True – The fashion industry has long been scrutinized for its portrayal of unhealthy body images. Models are encouraged to be rail thin and though a few designers go against the grain each season, their ideas are not industry-wide. Kimora Lee Simmons has been an internationally-known powerhouse in the fashion industry for years and has managed to stay in amazing shape after the births of her three children. Her former clothing line, Baby Phat, and signature brand, KLS, have always featured curvier models so it comes as a shock to hear that she has lost 25 pounds in the last year by allegedly not eating. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Why We Love: Melody Ehsani Spring 2011 – Los Angeles Fashion designer Melody Eshani recently revealed her Spring 2011 collection and once again, we’re reminded why we’re diehard fans of her work. Each oversized statement piece boasts innovative shapes and eye-catching colors that make it more like wearable art than a mere accessory. Larger-than-life studs and ethnic-inspired necklaces make this collection more abstract and imaginative than previous offerings. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Closet Crush: VV Brown – It’s hard to decide whether we love UK songstress VV Brown more for her music or her style. While VV (born Vanessa) bopped up the music charts with her funky sound, we were enraptured with her look. Her eclectic fashion choices are always spirited, playful and bold. Her signature bang and fearless makeup (blue lips!) only add to the fun. The statuesque beauty (she stands at 5’11) is not afraid to go digging through thrift shops for her stylish finds. As she told the UK’s Metro: “I got into vintage because I was broke and had to learn how to shop creatively. I like the fact that, when you go into a second-hand shop, you have to search for your look; it’s not spoon-fed to you like in high-street fashion chains.” (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Spring Scents – Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate the season than by spraying on a new fragrance. To help guide you in your search for the perfect scent, we have put together a list of our favorite perfumes for the spring months. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

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