Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just get away? There are days I know I wish I could pack up, grab a plan ticket and just go. But whenever those thoughts come into my head, it seems they’re followed by those pesky concerns of family, breaking up and breaking leases.

With so many reasons to stay, its hard to think how one could realistically get up and go, but that is exactly what Evita Robinson did. A native New Yorker , Evita moved to Japan and began recording videos for her family and friends to keep up. Two years later, those clips have become the foundation for her popular blog, Nomad•ness.

Since 2010, Evita has allowed viewers to see her adventures from a store-bought video cam, showing travel through a new, young and fresh lens. Now, as her journeys have become more popular, Nomad•ness is looking to go to the next level, looking for supporters to help fund it.

Evita, a friend of a friend (shout out to Lanae at the Complex Media & Design Blog) says her goal is to bring a new perspective, saying:

“The goal upon the goal: I want to revolutionize the face of young travel! I want my own travel show!”

For more information on Evita’s journey and to support her, check out her site nomadnesstv.com!

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