I’ve never been that comfortable rocking high heels. Perhaps it has something to do with my height—I’m 5’9” and any respectable heel will push me precariously close to 6 feet tall. Or maybe it’s all of the women with jacked up feet that I’ve seen throughout the years. Although I’ve coveted their fierce heels, I never wanted to have those feet, you know the ones with corns on every toe and bunions so big they look like alien growths. No bueno. Whatever the case may be, I’ve always been more comfortable sans shoes, than rocking sky-high stilettos.

The other day, talk show diva (and friend in my head!) Wendy Williams, shared a picture of her battered feet via Twitter. Although she blamed their down-right scary appearance on the demanding nature of her Dancing With the Stars practices, I also suspect it has a lot to do with Ms. Wendy’s love of insanely high stilettos.

While I don’t knock sisters who rock heels religiously (my 5’2” mother being one of them), I do worry that some of us are not only jacking up our feet, but our health as well.

Despite making us look super sexy in everything from skinny jeans to mini-skirts, wearing heels every day can cause all sorts of ailments. From inflamed nerves and ligaments, to shortened Achilles tendons and calf muscles, having your body suffer for the sake of fashion just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Now…have Wendy’s feet completely scared me away from rocking heels? Definitely not. But in order to preserve my sexy (feet), I don’t even think about wearing them every day.

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