With the end of Oprah Winfrey’s legendary talk show quickly closing in, many are wondering who will fill the talk show queen’s shoes.

For 25 years Oprah has reigned supreme. She has singlehandedly made careers, turned obscure books into best sellers, helped small business owners become millionaires, and inspired a generation of women to live their best lives.

Over the past 25 years, Oprah not only became one of the most powerful people in media—with an award-winning talk show, magazine, and now, TV network under her belt—but she also has one of the most sought-after spots on daytime TV.

While Rosie O’Donald gears up to move into Oprah’s Harpo digs and host a show on OWN, many are wondering who can fill the talk show diva’s coveted network timeslot.

Currently, the media is buzzing about Matt Lauer and Katie Couric possibly getting back together to recapture their Today Show magic. After five rocky years anchoring the CBS Evening News, Couric is reportedly leaving and in discussions with network officials to host her own syndicated talk show this fall. And according to insiders, she and Lauer are giving some serious thought to teaming up again.

The New York Times reported, a Matt Lauer–Katie Couric talk show has been “’thrown around’ between the former hosts — and is under serious consideration.”

But can Lauer and Couric carry Oprah’s crown?

Some are hedging their bets on Oprah’s team—Rachel Ray, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, and Dr. Phill. While others are looking towards the upstarts—Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa and Wendy Williams—to benefit from Oprah’s absence.

No matter who steps up to take her place, however, one thing is clear: Can’t nobody do it quite like Oprah.

What do you think, Clutchettes and Gents? Who do you think will step up in Oprah’s absence?



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  • T-Strang

    In my opinion Oprah would advise all of the afore mentioned names to NOT seek to fill her shoes but to in fact create a path for themselves. I’m sure Wendy and Kelly would be honored that their names were mentioned but as the white people say at my job, “yeeeeaaaaaah?!……. no.”

    As far as daytime programing television content, once Oprah is off the air at 4pm, I will just stick to my other BFF in my head, Judge Judy.

  • African Mami

    Her shoes were not one size fits all. They were custom made for her and her only! They need to buy their own shoes!

  • Emelyne

    Please not Tyra, please not Tyra, please not Tyra!

  • I doubt anyone will completely fill the shoes of Oprah, not even her proteges, but they can definitely try.

    There will be no one else like her not Wendy, not Ellen, not Gayle, or even the person she picks to win their own show.


  • Gigi Young

    Oprah is where she is by forging her own path and having mentors (I believe Roger Ebert advised her to syndicate her show when they briefly dated in the late 80s). If anything, what is Oprah? What tangible, discernible quality does she have that pushed her beyond the regular daytime talk show circuit that others famous before and during her rise (Geraldo, Sally Jesse, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, etc–remember, Oprah started off just as sensational) did not have?