Living in the White House, it’s easy to see how the Obama girls could get caught up. But this week, The Chicago Tribune ran a piece on the woman who helps to keep Sasha and Malia in touch and in check.

Eleanor Kaye Wilson is godmother of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s daughters. Eleanor or as she is known to the Obama family, “Mama Kaye” has been good friends with Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, for years. While the days of the campaign trail kept both Michelle and Barack away, Mama Kaye kept Sasha and Malia at her home.

Mama Kaye is married to a 76-year-old ex-marine and former educator, whom President Barack Obama refers to as “Papa Wellington.” And though she says she prefers keeping out of the spotlight, Mama Kaye was trust into the political limelight when Rush Limbaugh referred to her as the Obama’s “nanny.”

Yvonne Dallia who worked with Michelle Obama in during her days at Chicago’s City Hall said of Mama Kaye:

“She’s the Martha Stewart of our group. … She does foods that are amazing. She also does arts and crafts and it’s such a great [treat] for our kids to go over there.”

Mama Kaye is not only the guide for the Obama girls, she has played an influential role in the lives of their parents as well. President Obama made special mention of Mama Kaye while commemorating National Day of Prayer, remembering how she had organized prayer circles for him across the country during the 2008 campaign.

While she may not have an official title, there’s no doubt Mama Kay plays an incredibly important role in the lives of the members of the First Family.


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