From Black Voices — The first five seconds of Jill Scott’s first single in four years, ‘So in Love,’ is without question, healing. The song’s intro with its teasing cymbal, then drum, and finally Anthony Hamilton’s voice will transport even jaded Age-of-YouTube listeners to a time when love was love, and music could save us.

The thing is, there’s nothing all that extraordinary about ‘So In Love,’ which is the debut single from her forthcoming ‘Light of the Sun.’ The track comes across as really quite regular to the seasoned soul music ear — there is no roaring instrumentation, or belting bridges or hooks. It’s just that we’ve been suffocating all these years without a real authentic sound, no thanks to Erykah Badu’s ‘New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)’ for stealing the last pocket of air, that Scott’s single feels like an inhaler for the relief of a sonic asthma attack.

The single’s record art boldly captures Scott and Hamilton in an illustration reminiscent of a 70’s-era album cover that might have aired in promo across a new color TV set during an episode of ‘Soul Train.’ It’s a striking presentation and a piece of nostalgic ‘Black love’ iconography in an era saturated with imagery of surgically inflated butts, and nude celebrity twit-pics.

What’s more, the artwork seems to demonstrate Scott’s commitment to ‘neo-soul’ — a tag so many of her contemporaries have done everything they can to run away from. Scott clearly embraces the now often stigmatic genre and proves there is an aesthetic power in the headwraps, earthy ‘boho’ colors and beautiful brown skin.


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