Most of us know that we need to eat healthier diets. For years we’ve been told to eat a combination of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats to stay healthy and give our bodies the nutrients it needs, but what happens when the food itself is bad?

A new study by researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute found that nearly a quarter of the meat and poultry sold in American supermarkets is infected with drug-resistant bacteria.

In a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers found that 47 percent of the meat and poultry tested from various markets from around the country had evidence of Staphylococcus aureus contamination, which can cause staph infections, including skin infections and food poisoning.

Although scientists believe cooking food thoroughly can eliminate most of the bacteria found in meat, the levels of drug-resistant bacteria are troubling for a few reasons. Not only can it cause people to get sick if they fail to cook their meat properly, but according to a NPR report, “The drug-resistant strains found in the meat and poultry samples are especially difficult to treat because they’ve evolved beyond the regular arsenal of drugs that kill them.”

The article goes on to highlight many of the concerns of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. NPR Reports:

“Antibiotics used in the livestock sector have been generating particular concern of late. According to an analysis of government data by the Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, almost 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in 2009 were reserved for livestock and poultry.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that ‘there is strong scientific evidence of a link between antibiotic use in food animals and antibiotic resistance in humans.’”

So the next time you throw some turkey burgers on the grill, be sure to cook them all the way through to ensure you won’t get sick.



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  • Dream J.

    Read Fast Food Nation! smh the way things are going we are going to die from simple things like food or the air because we are just doing too much to the earth

    • sweetpisces

      I agree…it’s already gone bad so i guess we’re all doomed!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables…….

    • keyz

      So true, be easy on those grains too!

  • African Mami

    Goat meat! Order one from Africa or Australia. They eat ORGANIC GRASS out thurr!!!….call 1-888-G.O.A.T.! The African customer service is beyond exceptional. The Australian one, by default comes a close second.

    @j-philly, fruits nuts grains vegetables and GOAT!

    • Tomi

      Lmao you are always pushing that goat meat. You and my dad would get along hahaha!

    • African Mami


      What can I say, its a storied love affair!

      I will continue to push for it, because the TASTE does not equal the madness that is sold as being cow meat! Now that’s YUCK!

    • Unique

      Your Goat meat is not sustainable. Any meat that has to travel over 5000 miles to reach your plate is contributing to the problems that we have on this planet. The oil wasted for travel (plane,train, automobile), refrigeration, feed, and packaging shows how warped our brains have become in America. We want everything whatever the cost to the environment!!!!

      If you want to eat goat raise it here or go to Africa or wherever it’s raised and live there…

  • MW

    It’s why I only buy organic. . . .