Think President Obama is smooth, cool and collected? Not when it comes to his baby girls.

In a funny moment yesterday, the President showed his overprotective side bringing up his daughters during a speech to students at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, Tennessee. The school was the winner of the President’s 2011 Race to the Top Challenge, part of his goal for the U.S. to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

After formally noting the local and state officials in attendance, President Obama told the high school graduates that he had met their principal’s daughter and found out that she went to a different high school. Obama noted that the principal’s daughter said:

“She was worried that the boys would be afraid to talk to her if her mom (the principal) was lurking in the hallways.”

Stopping to pause, the President reflected:

“Which is why my next job will be principal at Sasha and Malia’s high school — and then I’ll be president of their college.”

After drawing a hearty laugh from the crowd, the President, as he is often known to do, saved a little chuckle for himself.

Showing his sensitive side, the President noted that he gets sentimental at commencements and joked that he would break down at his daughters’ saying:

“I get all chocked up at commencements.  So I can tell you already–I will cry at my children’s commencements…I cry at other people’s commencements.”


Speaking to the graduates of the once troubled school, President Obama told the students that their journey was an inspiration:

“That’s why I came here today. Because if success can happen here at Booker T. Washington, it can happen anywhere in Memphis. And if it can happen in Memphis, it can happen anywhere in Tennessee. And it can happen anywhere in Tennessee, it can happen all across America.”

Continuing, the President told students that though he was proud of them he expected more, saying:

“Your diploma is not a free pass. It won’t protect you against every setback or challenge or mistake. You’ll make some, I promise. You’re going to have to keep working hard.”

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