Kenyan police have stepped up security around the home of President Obama’s step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, after Al Shabaab, a Somali branch of al Qaeda, issued a threat against her in retaliation for the slaying of Osama Bin Laden.

According to ABC News,

“Security had been added to the elder Obama’s house the day after bin Laden was killed in fear of reprisals, the number of patrolling officers has ballooned since Al Shabaab’s threat was issued. One police chief told ABC News he now had enough officers ‘to patrol the entire village.’”

Despite the increased security, the 88-year-old elder Obama is not phased by the threat.

“My life has not been affected in any way,” Sarah Obama said. “It has not restricted my movement. If the government has decided to bring more security personnel, we are OK with it.”

Although many are taking al Qaeda’s threat seriously, CBS News reports that an “expert involved in security matters” at the U.S. embassy says that “the al-Shabaab threat may amount to little more than posturing. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates have issued numerous threats in the wake of bin Laden’s killing, most of them broad threats of reprisal against the West and assertions of the groups’ continuing relevancy.”

With today’s suicide bombing in Pakistan and al Qaeda’s continuing threats, one thing is clear: Bin Laden’s death certainly did not mark the end of extremism in our world.




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  • WoW

    I beat dat azz if they touch her!

  • sara

    can we also talk about the kenyan police in how they lie to get cash under the table from US.i cant trust kenya after i got my phone stolen like 5 times!from the petty theif upto the government is so corrupted,shoot!i cant even pass the airport without every security asking for money under for no damn reason or else theyll hold my bags.corruption

    • African Mami

      Invest in an old Siemens phone, the big walkie talkie looking one. Make sure errytime you are passing through the airport you are dressed to the nines, I swear they’ll treat like a queen,but then again they might ask for more money! What to do. Let’s kumbaya