I can remember interlacing my fingers with my best friend and then tugging back to see who could inflict overwhelming pain the fastest. It was our rated G version of fight club- bending our knuckles back until someone cried out, “Mercy!”

While it was a childhood games, sometimes life can feel like playing mercy. This weekend alone has put me face to face with several situations where I found myself cringing, knuckles back. On the one hand were the mundane things, like having the drains in my building clogged by the wonderful folks downstairs. And on the other hand, the bigger things like having my heartstrings tugged on by someone who was meant more to me than I wanted to admit.

At this point, I’m sure you know that things came to a head. Cut to me: sniffling Saturday night in tears while simultaneously using my bathroom plunger as if it were a shake weight.

In the middle of it all, I stopped and cried out. Not because I wanted to, but because eventually the pain of bending backwards was not worth holding on. And I think every woman knows what it is to get to that point and be faced with the choice to keep on and let go.

No woman wants to think her life is out of control, but I’d argue that every woman should know when to surrender and when to keep going. Personally, I’ve had to learn that while I can unclog my bathroom sink, I can’t keep my heart from falling. And even if that means wincing and pulling away, it’s better than having my emotional stability bent back in a pointless fight.

Today, understand that saying “Mercy!” isn’t giving up. Choose to surrender knowing which battles are worth the fight.

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